The Big Rhodey Research Project

Dina Casting a FootprintThe Big Rhodey Research Project has been established (in August 2009) with the purpose of collecting evidence to support the existence of a bipedal, humanlike creature typically known as Sasquatch roaming the forests and watersheds within Rhode Island's state borders. Team members refer to this enigma as Big Rhodey, which is a play on a popular nickname for the state: "Little Rhody".

-Carl L. Johnson, September 26, 2011



Dina's Testimony

There are so many people out there that want to harm or hoax this creature for their own money making. But seeing this creature for the first time in my life when I was sixteen years old... it scared me because I didn't know what it was at the time. It was traumatic, and many many years went by before I was able to talk about my experience. If it wanted to hurt me, it would have. But it didn't. It was curious, it was observing. And a lot of people don't understand. It's spiritual in a sense and I want no harm to come to this animal or subhuman, or whatever it may be. Having seen this creature, it is always embedded in my brain and was a very spiritual awakining. People just don't understand. When you see a bigfoot for the first time in your life, you will never forget. Never forget.

What Puts the "e" in Big Rhodey

The term Big Rhodey is a play on Rhode Island's popular nickname of long-standing: Little Rhody. Inclusion of that "e" actually was intended to provide singularity to the name. At the time we devised the name, we wondered if a business perhaps not listed in the telephone directory or through a web site might already have Big Rhody in its' title. It turns out there isn't. Also, we felt that Rhodey is more indicative of the smallest state in the Union where this elusive creature has been sighted and left evidence suggesting a Sasquatch presence. As far as we're concerned, once the critter crosses into the boundaries of Rhode Island, it becomes Big Rhodey and remains so while it's here! Even though many persons, especially through the Northeast sector of the country are aware of our state's popular nickname being Little Rhody, we don't think most folks outside R.I. would know nor much care about the proper spelling. For clearer or perhaps more erudite reference we have created a Latin classification: Hominid Hylocomiem Tenebrosus basically meaning manlike, dark forest-dweller.


It is not our intention to capture, confine nor in any way do harm to this being, whether it be feral human or a species of ape. We only wish to observe and study. It might indeed be another species of mankind or subhuman, resulting from unique adaptations to its wilderness environment, perhaps an atavistic principle.